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Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)400-1772 
New Jersey: Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, Union, Hunterdon, Ocean Counties.  
New York: Staten Island   
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
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Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
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Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
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Lifetime Warranty, Call Now!!! (732)400-1772
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
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Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)690-7334
Call: (732)400-1772
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)400-1772
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)400-1772
Life Saver Pool Fence Of NJ / NY, (732)400-1772
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Studies show that an unprotected pool is more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun left on your coffee table (Freakanomics, 2005). How long would you let that gun sit out in your home? Every moment that your pool remains without a fence is dangerous. Don't wait. 

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pool safe.
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Life Saver Pool Fence has the great honor of being the only pool fence company selected to partner with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Pool Safely campaign as a Pool Safety Leader. Visit for life saving education.
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Life Saver Pool Fence of New York and New Jersey. For 25 years, licensed and insured. NJ: Serving Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, Union, Hunterdon, OceanCounties... New York: Serving Nassau, Suffolk, the five boroughs of New York City and all of upstate. Call for a free in home consultation and estimate today!
Safety Turtle Base Station & Immersion Alarms

The Base Station is the component of the Safety Turtle wireless alert system which sounds the alarm. All Safety Turtle wireless systems require at least one Base Station. Safety Turtle sensors have no audible or visual outputs, so serve no useful function without a Base Station. There is no limit to the number of sensors / sensor types of the same color that can work with one Base Station. Additional Base Station(s) spaced apart:

  -- increase the total sensor coverage area, and/or
  -- expand the area of alarm audibility

In the first case, Base Stations alarm in unison only 
when the sensor is activated where coverage overlaps. 
 In the second case, the coverage areas are nominally 
the same and the Base Stations are intended to
 alarm in unison.
Safety Turtle Child / Pet Immersion Alarm Bands
A last layer of protection for children near water

Safety Turtle provides continuous protection to the wearer. This continuous protection compares to water disturbance pool alarms which are deactivated (and reactivated) by whoever uses or cleans the pool or spa. This distinction is vital because toddler accidents often occur when a pool or spa area is left unsecured or when adults are in attendance.

A Safety Turtle personal alarm can also accompany 
a child on vacation or on visits to a boat, cottage or 
another pool, where unfamiliar surroundings and 
less security add risk.

A standard child immersion alarm system consists of: 
One or more Turtle Wristbands of the same color 
including a 7.8 inch (20 cm.) locking wristband, 
key and matching “baby Turtle” coding plug for 
Base Station. A Standard Base Station.

Installed Price:
Safety Turtle Base Station, $135
Safety Turtle Wristband, $65
Poolguard Alarm - Model PGRM-2

The New Model PGRM-2 introduces "Negative Displacement Technology", a new sensing method that requires no adjustments.  

Entry into the pool by children,pets, or intruders is detected 
by the unit's electronic sensor, and sets off a loud, pulsating 
alarm both in the home and at the pool. Safe, simple, 
and easy to operate, the 9 volt battery powered alarm does 
not require tie-downs, ropes, or wires. Poolguard comes 
with a remote receiver which sounds an alarm inside the 
home when the unit is activated at that pool. The Poolguard 
alarm system can be used with a solar blanket on the pool. 
Poolguard comes with a limited three year warranty. 
Meets all ASTM safety standards for pool alarms. 

• Detects Intruders • Sits on Deck • Battery Powered • Low Battery Indicator • New Sensing Technology
• Easy to Use • Completely Portable • Automatic Reset • Affordable Price • Important Safety Feature 
• In House Remote Receiver • Horns are 85 dB at 10 feet
Poolguard Alarm – Model PGRM-SB

Poolguard’s NEW “Safety Buoy” Pool Alarm is designed to be used in any Above Ground Pool including quick set, soft sided and portable above ground pools as well as Spa’s and some small In Ground Pools. Poolguard’s new alarm is the only floating alarm NSF Certified to the ASTM F2208 Pool Alarm Standard. The new “Safety Buoy” floats on the water and uses Sub Surface Detection Technology. “Safety Buoy” comes with an In House Remote Receiver, has a 1 year warranty, and is Made in the USA!
Poolguard Gate Alarm 

All pools should be fenced, but the weakest link in the fence is the gate and it should be alarmed. Any gate which allows young children easy access to a pool area should have a gate alarm. The GATE ALARM features are listed below:

                  • Approved For Outdoor Use
                  • Important Safety Feature
                  • Monitors Gate Continuously
                  • Simple To Operate
                  • Automatic Reset
                  • Battery Powered
                  • Easy To Install
                  • Affordable Price
                  • Pass Through Feature For Adults
                  • Meets UL 2017
                  • Low Battery Indicator
Poolguard Door Alarm 

The Door Alarm will sound immediately when a child opens the door, and will continue to sound if the door is left open. If a child goes through the door and closes it, the alarm will sound for 5 minutes and then automatically reset. Poolguard Door Alarm Model DAPT-WT is equipped with an Outdoor Wireless Transmitter that allows adults to enter the home from the outside without the alarm sounding and is easy to install. The Door Alarm is always on and will automatically reset under all conditions.
Poolguard Door Alarm is equipped with an adult pass through feature that will allow adults to go through the door without the alarm sounding. Optional screen door kits can be purchased for the alarm. This kit allows you to get air through your screen door without the alarm sounding. Poolguard Door Alarm uses one 9-volt battery, (not included) with a battery life of approximately 6 months. The Door Alarm is equipped with a low battery indicator that will audibly alert you when your battery is getting low. Poolguard is the only door alarm that is UL listed under UL 2017 for water hazard entrance alarm equipment


Poolguard Alarm - Model PGRM-2 $240 Uninstalled
Poolguard Alarm - Model PGRM-2 $275 Installed

Poolguard Alarm – Model PGRM-SB, $165 Uninstalled
Poolguard Alarm – Model PGRM-SB, $299 Installed

Poolguard Gate Alarm – $75 Uninstalled
Poolguard GAte Alarm – $100 Installed